A 3 Step Method For Free Traffic

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So today I want to talk to you about a simple traffic driving strategy that can really help get your website or assets noticed. This one involves podcasts.

Here’s how it works…

Step 1) 
Find some niche related topical subjects. By this I mean, some things that people in your space are talking about right now. Relevant topics and hot button issues.

One simple website that you can use to find this content for your niche is Feedly(dot)com. There are paid options but you can use the free version for this strategy.

Feedly is a news aggregator application for various web browsers and mobile devices so it’s going to have up to date hot content on whatever subjects you enter.

Another way to find relevant and trending content in your niche is to go over to Reddit(dot)com and head to the “communities” section.

Pick out a community that is relevant in your niche, go to that subreddit, and you can sort the content by “hot.” This is going to show you relevant content that people are really interested in right now.

Step 2) Have your own take or opinion on that topic. This is the step where you add your two cents to the conversation in the form of a piece of content where you discuss said “topical subject.”

Once you pick a piece of content that is hot in your niche right now, go ahead and take a few bullet points on what is being discussed in that content. Also take note of where you got that content.

Now write your own piece of content sharing your opinion or take on the topic at hand. Be sure to reference the original article or content, and shout them out for their work. The length of your content is not as important as the impact here.

Be sure to have a great headline and a strong statement about why this information is important to your niche.

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Step 3) Promote that content to niche related podcasts. To do it you are going to need to find those podcasts.

I’m not talking about the TOP podcasts in your niche here. Those shows are probably not going to respond to you because they get lots of requests daily.

But I’m talking about those middle of the road podcasts. Lower tier shows always look for great content and topics to talk about.

So to find them:

A) Head over to ListenNotes(dot)com and type in a niche related keyword.

B) Put together a list of relevant niche related podcasts that might be interested in your content.

C) Next, reach out to those podcasters, and let them know you publish content fairly regularly on your niche and that you would love to send them occasional updates when you publish a new piece of content.

Be sure to provide your contact information and a name of your website or where you publish content. Just don’t drop a link on this first email. It’s a feeler.

Don’t expect a ton of responses here. But you are now set up.

So in your next contact to them, just let them know that you are following up with them on that previous email you sent, and you wanted to share your most recent piece of niche related content with them in case their listeners might be interested.

You can even ask questions like, “DO you think your listeners might find this information helpful?” to initiate conversation.

Be sure to let them know, if they want you to stop emailing them, to just let you know.

Okay, so that is a simple 3 step approach to driving traffic to your content using podcasts. Hope it’s been helpful. For more traffic sources like this, join my email list it is called 28 Free Traffic Sources.

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