Discover the Path to Securing ERC Funding for Your Business

Listen up! A bunch of folks were flat-out convinced they were SOL when it came to snagging that Employee Retention Credit. Why? Well, lemme tell ya, when this thing burst onto the scene, it had more restrictions than a do-not-enter sign at a rock concert.

Picture this: back in the day, companies were straight-up denied their shot at ERC credits just ’cause they had their hands in that PPP cookie jar. But, my friends, hold onto your hats ’cause the rules have done the cha-cha more times than I’ve had hot dinners, and guess what? That PPP stuff ain’t holding you back no more.

So here’s the lowdown: if your biz ain’t packing more than 500 heads on the payroll, you’re in the game. It’s all about the dough you’re throwing at those W-2-wielding workers of yours. And mark my words, it ain’t just about size – you gotta prove you’ve taken a hit from that pandemic punch.

The IRS ain’t snoozing either; they’ve done the shuffle with their eligibility criteria. My advice? Head on over to their cyber stomping ground and get the whole scoop.

Now, let’s talk turkey – three routes to the Employee Retention Credit promised land: Revenue Reduction, Supply Chain Shake-ups, and the ol’ Full or Partial Shut-down.

First up, Revenue Reduction. In 2020, you had to feel the gut punch of a 50% drop in your sales during a quarter, compared to the same darn quarter in 2019. And hey, once that 2020 slump rebounds to hit the 80% mark of your 2019 glory days, the curtain falls on this eligibility show. Skip to 2021, and a 20% slide in sales during a quarter this year versus that 2019 yardstick gets you a golden ticket.

Number two, Supply Chain Disruptions. This one’s for the cats who depend on their supply chain like a lifeline. If Uncle Sam drops the hammer on your supplier with an order to sit this dance out, and they can’t cough up the goods, you’re in the running.

And don’t be fooled – this disruption ruckus keeps echoing even after that initial suspension command. Imagine joints struggling to get their hands on prime cuts, paper towels, or takeaway boxes during the whole pandemic hullabaloo.

Even delivery squads had their engines stalled due to a shortage of parts. Hotels? They were twiddling their thumbs waiting for furniture, towels, and beddings ’cause the ports were on lockdown. The catch?

You gotta prove that this chain reaction had more than a mere 10% impact on your business gears – big or small. And by the way, this ain’t tied to your revenue – whether it’s dancing up or down.

Lastly, buckle up for the third act – Full or Partial Suspensions. If your operation got slapped with a Covid-19 government order that knocked you outta the ring, you might just qualify. And mind you, even if that order didn’t name-drop you directly, if it threw a wrench in your works, you’re in.

Picture this: a slick insurance agent raking in clients from doctor offices and hospitals suddenly gets the rug pulled out from under ’em. Conventions go MIA thanks to those government dictums, leaving all sorts of businesses hanging high and dry without a shot at new customers.

The magic number here? A 20%+ wallop to your business operations when you crunch the numbers on that segment of your gig back in the golden year of 2019. And don’t you dare think this is all about sinking revenue – it’s got more layers than an onion, my friends.

So, you itching to find out if the ERC credits are within your grasp? Well, hold your horses, cowboy, ’cause we’ve got just the thing – our snazzy Eligibility Form Here:

Check Out How Much $$ Your Business Could Receive!

Fill ‘er out and set the wheels in motion, and while you’re at it, lean on the buddy who gave you the heads-up about ERC Specialists. Our posse is standing by, ready to give you the lowdown on snagging these precious credits!

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