My Favorite Email Marketing Automation and Advertising Platform

I recently set up a new online business and have been very pleased with the progress that I have been making in the last month or so, using a new platform that is free to join. When you set up any kind of online business, there are several things you will need: 

First, you will need an email autoresponder, what is that? An email autoresponder is an email tool that you set up to send out emails to your prospects, so they will buy your products or services. It is best to set up an email sequence, so once people join your email list, the autoresponder does all the work for you. The platform I use has an email autoresponder that is free to use.

The second thing you will need to set up is a landing page and thank you page. A landing page is a page you send your prospects to to get knowledge on a subject for free and in return they sign up to receive your emails. I chose to set up an email sequence of 28 Free Traffic Sources to increase traffic to your website or offer, you can check it out here.

A thank you page is the page you send your email signups to once they sign up for your free offer, you can include a link on this page for something you sell or an affiliate product offer. You very likely won’t get very many sales from this thank you page, since your prospects don’t know or trust you yet. This is why you need to capture the emails and send the prospects valuable information that teach them something that they want to learn.

Once you have your emails, landing page and thank you page setup and working (make sure you test everything to make sure it works), you are ready to start sending traffic to your landing page. But where can you get traffic? Well there are many many sources of traffic. There is free traffic and paid traffic. 

There are many platforms for free traffic like: Youtube, blogging platforms, social media groups, online classifieds. Paid traffic is just what it says it is, you pay to advertise a link, banner, picture or video, to get prospects to click on the ad and sign up for your list.

This is where this platform comes in, it is called Leads Leap and they have an autoresponder, traffic generation, page builder, link tracking, list manager and a popup creator and it is Free to sign up, click here to check it out. 

I have been using Leads Leap for the last 6 weeks as a pro member and one of the things that I really like about the platform is that pro members can set up 10 ads as part of the membership. This feature has given me thousands of clicks from the platform. So far I have had 23 signups to my email list from the Leads Leap platform. I also have made 3 sales as a result of these signups, so Leads Leap gives you quality traffic that actually converts into sales.

I have to say that I am very impressed with the platform and happy that I have been able to get signups to my list and also some sales. So if you are looking for a good traffic platform and autoresponder you should check out Leads Leap.

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